About Us

Our Goal

We started out as Small Business owners like you, and experienced firsthand how hard it can be to find Working Capital from traditional lenders when we needed it. This is what makes us most proud, Acapella Loan along with its funding partners now have the ability to offer funding to small and mid-sized businesses in need of Fast Funding to grow their business. Whatever your Business Needs may be; we work with you to determine the right program to fit your needs. Our goal is to help your business thrive. If you Need Working Capital for Equipment, Expansion, Inventory, Advertising or just a Boost in Cash Flow, we’re here to help.  We specialize in finding solutions unique to your business, ensuring that your payback is easy to manage. Our Goal is to be your first thought for all of your funding needs.


Our Mission

Banks have caused the The Business Loan world to change to say the least, and small to mid-sized businesses are finding it more & more difficult to gain access to working capital and business loans alike. ACP™  along with its partners provide small business loan options to business owners across America with access to the working capital or financing they need in from this otherwise lender less banking world.  

ACP™ options are flexible and customized to fit a business owner’s needs. Clients use the working capital the partners of ACP™  provides, to renovate, expand, buyout partnerships, increase inventory, add additional advertising, or catch up on unpaid bills, rents, leases or taxes. 

Unlike traditional banks and strict lending agencies, our funding procedures are much faster and easier to access for business owners.